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Finding Freedom Radio is a broadcast production of 3 Oaks Ministries. It is a program dedicated to helping others find freedom in Jesus Christ.

About Finding Freedom Radio

Finding Freedom in Christ is a bible based discipleship program designed to set people free from destructive habits, behaviors and patterns through the power and knowledge of Christ and His word. By offering sound biblical counsel on how to overcome these tendencies, participants will learn how to walk free from the chains that keep them from moving ahead in lasting and authentic freedom. 
Galatians 5:1 It is for FREEDOM that CHRIST has SET us FREE. STAND FIRM. then, and do not let YOURSELF to be BURDENED AGAIN by a YOKE of SLAVERY.

Everyone has a story to tell! What's yours? Have you experienced Freedom, Grace, Love and Second Chance In Jesus? Join me on the other side of the desk and tell your story. You don't know who is listening-Who you might be helping. If you have a story or you know someone who does, Be my guest on Finding Freedom Radio. contact me today.

Finding Freedom Radio is blessed to bring you stories of freedom through Christ. If you would like to share your personal story of freedom, we would love to hear it. We may even contact you to be part of our program.

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